Pit Bull Found Tied To A Tree So Tightly That He Was Unable To Move Even An Inch

Poor Max was tied in a position in which he couldn't even move his head.


Treating animals with disrespect is a characteristic of inhumane and cruel people who don’t deserve to own a pet. The sad truth is that there are lots of people out there who abuse and neglect the pets they are supposed to love and care for.

A case of severe animal neglect was reported to a volunteer of Don’t Bully Us Rescue, Kerry Haney. She was told by numerous people how they saw a pit bull being tied to a tree so tight that he was unable to move. The owners kept it tied in their own yard where passersby could see the poor animal suffer. Kerry rushed to the place in her pajamas, but she couldn’t see the dog.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

She contacted the police, who informed her how they were already familiar with the case and were doing everything they could in order to take the pit bull from the hands of the barbaric people. Now the only thing she could do was wait.

Later in the week, Max was finally removed from the property and placed in the Gloucester County Animal Shelter. They would care for him until the court hearing where his owners would be found guilty and fined. Max was then officially surrendered to the shelter.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

Both Kerry’s organization and the shelter wanted to keep the dog, but once the vet informed them how Max was experiencing behavioral issues and had heartworm, the shelter though it would be better for the dog to stay with Kerry where he would receive better and more personalized care.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

Now Max was in the hands of Don’t Bully Us Rescue, they were about to place him in a foster home, and who could provide him with more appropriate care, love, and affection than Kerry herself, who decided to foster the dog. Besides the shelter’s initial thoughts about Max’s aggressive behavior, Kerry realized he was the sweetest loving soul ever.

She was willing to work with him and teach him how to play, because he has never in his life played around or was taught any manners.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

Max learns how to socialize with humans and other animals and gets to spend quality time with the family’s two other dogs who enjoy Max’s company. He is good with kids as well and has a life full of fun ahead. He is yet to learn how amazing life can be.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

“He’s a goofy big pup, He loves to play… more than any dog I’ve ever seen. And if you are sitting on the floor or couch, don’t think you’ll have any personal space. He will be on you in the drop of a dime. He hangs with me in my office every day. He just chews on his bone while I work and he never barks at the mailman or kids passing by. He is an absolute pleasure to have!”

Kerry told.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

Now that he learned how to behave, this adorable pit bull needs a forever home. We hope he will be adopted by people who will love him as much as Kerry. This dog has so much love to give to those who take care of him. He knows how to show his gratitude by wagging his tail and by cuddling.

“It’s sad to think he was tied to a tree with no one, all day, every day, That was his yesterday … but his future is full of people and love. That is a promise!”

Kerry said.

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