Piglet Had Severe Mange Covering Her Body – But Just Look At Her Now!

Her transformation is really amazing.


This piglet had severe mange on her entire body..

A piglet named Cherry Blossom had been left at an animal shelter in Temecula, California. She had been brought to the animal shelter by a man, who claimed that he had found her as a stray. Cherry Blossom was very ill and suffered from sarcoptic mange, caused by the sarcoptic mange mite. The staff at the animal shelter were shocked when they saw Cherry Blossom’s condition and thought that she would not survive for long.  As the shelter takes in cats and dogs only, the staff contacted Jen Sale, CEO and founder of the Sale Ranch Sanctuary.

Sale quickly agreed to take Cherry Blossom in and so, Cherry Blossom was placed into their care. Judging by Cherry Blossom’s condition, Sale believed that the piglet had been severely neglected and most likely kept in unsanitary conditions in her former home.

Even though Cherry Blossom was very ill and suffered a lot of pain due to the mange on her body, she still has a very sweet personality. According to Sale, Cherry Blossom was very affectionate to her and her husband.

Sale brought Cherry Blossom to a veterinarian for medical treatment, who prescribed her some healing cream to relieve the itchiness and gave her laser-light therapy to kill the mites.

For two months, the couple gave Cherry Blossom daily healing cream rubs and brought her to the vet for her laser-light therapy sessions. With a little TLC, Cherry Blossom’s hair grew back and she was finally mange-free! Her transformation has been amazing, just look at her now!

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