Penny Was Whining And Lonely, Thus Woman Decides To Drill A Peephole For Her


The dog was nicknamed ‘Peeking Penny’!

One afternoon, a woman named Jennifer Bowman was outside in her yard, spending some quality time with her dog Olive when she heard a strange sound that was coming from her neighbor’s side of the fence.

It was a seemingly squeaky sound. It was right after the sound that Jennifer thought she had spotted a dog’s head popping up over her fence. That was impossible, she thought. After all, her fence was measured to be about six feet – how could a dog jump that high?

She got up, took a step back and looked straight at the fence. Jennifer didn’t spot anything out of the ordinary in that moment.

Just then, the squeaking sound occurred, and there it was – a German Shepherd’s head! Just beyond the fence, new neighbors have moved in, along with this energetic canine! It appeared to be jumping in short bouncing bursts. Jennifer found the dog endearing, and wanted to do something for it. She also decided that she didn’t want to leave the dog jumping over her fence forever.

Jennifer fished a drill out from her toolbox, drilled a portion of her fence away in order to allow the German Shepherd to become a voyeur. Nicknamed ‘Peeking Penny’, its owners were previously afraid that their dog’s attempts to be sociable would not be appreciated by Jennifer. All worked out in the end however, as Penny have successfully befriended both Jennifer and her dog, Olive!

Watch ‘Peeking Penny’ in action below!

Today, ‘Peeking Penny’ is not only able to peek through her newly constructed “eyes and nose gates”, but she is also able to receive her share of dog treats that Jennifer feeds Olive with!

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