Pedestrian Spotted 1 ‘Lifeless Lump Of Fur’ – And She Gasped In Dismay

It was a tiny lump of fur, and it wasn't moving. But when a concerned passerby stopped to get a closer look, the creature raised its head...and the pedestrian knew she had to help!


It was a race against time to save her little life.

Two animal lovers in Europe were walking on the streets one afternoon when they suddenly noticed what looked like a lump of fur, lying motionless on the pavement. Once they walked over, the pair realized it was a tiny yet almost lifeless puppy.
It was October 2017 when both Nika Todua and Irina Liklikadze spotted that stray puppy all curled up in the middle of the road, in Rustavi City, Georgia. Feeling concerned, the two women approached the pup (estimated to be around 1-month-old) to have a closer look.

As the puppy was not moving, they thought it was dead. However, when Liklikadze, who also volunteers with a dog rescue group called Animal Friends, touched the puppy and felt its weak breathing, the pair proceeded to leap into action.

“It was shocking because she was so feeble and doomed to death. She was hungry, thirsty and had a lot of worms … and she was very docile.”

The rescuers scooped the puppy up before she got hit by a car, which is an unfortunate yet common fate for dogs in Rustavi. The animal was clearly too small and young to be on her own, thus they hoped to find the puppy’s mother around. After speaking to some locals, they learned the puppy’s sad background story.

“We were told that the mother of this little puppy was hit by a car,” Todua said. “We don’t know what happened to her brothers and sisters.”

The women took the puppy home with them and started treating her malnutrition and parasites by feeding and bathing her. At that time, the pup only weighed about half a pound, therefore she desperately needed to gain some healthy weight. They named her E.T., after the movie character of the same name.

With each passing day, E.T. got stronger and healthier, and she started looking more like a happy puppy rather than an alien. Just 9 months later, E.T. quadrupled in size and weight. Today, she’s living a very different life, a much happier one she deserved.

“She lives with one of the members of our organization,” Todua said. “She likes playing, walking and eating. It’s funny, but she loves to eat cucumber and pumpkin. She’s a very happy puppy.”

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