Pedestrian Spots A ‘Lifeless Lump Of Fur’ – When It Lifts Its Head, She Gasps In Dismay

It was a tiny lump of fur, and it wasn't moving. But when a concerned passerby stopped to get a closer look, the creature raised its head...and the pedestrian knew she had to help!


Sadly, not many people would take the time to stop and help an animal in need. However, there are those who’d do everything in their power to save a life, knowing that no matter how big or small, each life is worth saving.

Nika Todua and Irina Liklikadze stumbled upon something that resembled a lump of fur. It was placed in the middle of the pavement. The two soon realized it was an animal that wasn’t moving. Could it be dead?

They had to be sure and decided to approach even closer.

Thankfully, their initial belief that the creature was dead was far from the truth and they could see signs of life.

Now they knew the animal was alive, but still weren’t sure what kind of animal it was because it was all curled up like a ball.

Nika and Irina were volunteers for a local rescue group – Animal Friends – and they knew they just had to help!

After further inspection, the women realized the tiny animal was a puppy who desperately needed help from some good Samaritans.

The baby was around a month old, but weak and starving. The sight was devastating. They wondered how could this baby end up there all by itself.

It was shocking because she was so feeble and doomed to death,” Todua told.

“She was hungry, thirsty and had a lot of worms … and she was very docile.

Although there was little hope for saving the pup’s life, these kind-hearted women never though of giving up.

They took it in their hands and before they headed to the nearest vet office, they asked the people from the neighborhood whether they had any idea where the mother or the owner could be.

A passerby told them how the puppy’s mother was killed by a car and the baby was left alone ever since.

That was some sad news that broke these women’s hearts.

The ladies were happy to adopt the baby and take good care of it.

They called the pup E.T. (because she looked more like an alien than a dog when they first found her), and watched a wonderful transformation take place.

From a sad, close-to-death puppy to a happy, healthy companion! Said Nika:

The most uplifting and emotional thing about this rescue was her transformation from faint and poor puppy to a happy dog.

If it wasn’t for these lovely ladies, who knows what would have happened to E.T who is now the dog with the most vibrant personality and who really knows how to enjoy life. For E.T, every day is a blast.

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