Parrot gets Stuffed Bunny For Birthday…Now listen to how he responds to it, LOL!!


This little bird has a whole lot of love to give – and most of it is for his stuffed bunny.

Marnie was celebrating his birthday, and his family got him EXACTLY what he wanted: a bunch of stuffed bunnies.

I’ve heard of animals who have unusual best friends, but this is definitely a first.

Meet Marnie. Marnie is an Indian Ringneck Parakeet, and shows us what the charm is that has taken the bird world captive. With a cute, rather high-pitched voice, Marnie has learned not only to mimic human voices, but to use those words and phrases appropriately, as he shows us in this engaging video.

Marnie is somewhat of a collector. He has an array of bunnies, but always loves having a new one to add to it. Today, Marnie is receiving a pink and white bunny, and he’s rather excited about it. In fact, he can’t quite quit talking about it!

Marnie approaches the new toy and begins to talk to it. “Hello,” he says to his new friend. “Pretty.” The beautiful bird examines the bunny and asks, “What ya doin’?” and then, with a little encouragement from his humans, says “Give a kiss!” He precedes to kiss the bunny and immediately tells it, “Thank you!”

The cutest part is when he gives it a smooch on the head. ? And his voice is so cute it sounds like the voice of a character from a kid’s TV show.

Watch and Laugh:

What do you think about Marnie’s diatribe? Does he know what he’s saying? Watch him engage with his new bunny and decide for yourself!

What do you think ?