Parents surprise their son with puppy at animal shelter after their dog passed away

This family visited an animal rescue shelter to drop off donations after their dog died. What they didn't tell their son was that they were also getting a puppy. Grab the tissues, you'll need them.


Losing a pet might be one of the most devastating experiences for one family. This especially affects young children who are likely to become extremely close with their furry pals. Overcoming such tragedy can be very hard because not seeing your dog or your cat running around and asking for a pat on the head is heartbreaking.

When a family visited the Stray Rescue of St. Louis, they told the staff how their beloved dog passed away recently. Their little son missed him so very much, so they decided to adopt another dog. The interesting thing was that it was a surprise. When they visited the shelter, the young boy had no idea he was leaving home with a new friend for life. 

At one moment, the boy gets all puzzled, wondering why they are all staying in the middle of the hallway. But then, two employees are approaching the family, carrying a tiny pup in their hands. That’s when the boy realizes the pup is his and it’s a moment to remember. 

Stray Rescue of St. Louis


The boy gets so excited that his dad says: “Sorry to surprise you like that, buddy.”

This dog will be lucky to be getting a family like this. We are sure he’ll be the most loved dog out there. 

Take a look at the amazing first encounter between the boy and his pal in the video below. 

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