Owners Watch as Their Dog Returns from the Woods With a Bear Friend

I guess they didn't expect their dog to make such friend šŸ§


The trip this family took turned into one of the most memorable ever. As they were driving near the woods, their dog felt like he needed to take a potty break, so they pulled over and let him do the job and explore the surrounding for a while.

But, what they didn’t expect was for him to return with an unlike friend.

The sight of a huge black bear running and their dog following right after surprised the owners. It was obvious the two animals were having fun while playing no matter how unusual it is for a dog and a bear to bond. But once the dog started running in front of the bear, as it was probably her turn to chase him, the owners got a bit nervous. Well, who wouldn’t? Getting so close to a wild animal must be an unforgettable yet scary experience.

At least the dog wasn’t intimidated but had a whale of a time instead.

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