Owners Wanted Their Dog Put Down Because He Was Too ‘Yucky’ To Live


When Nik Nak’s owners brought him to a local vet, you would think it was because they wanted to make the sick dog feel better. But instead they demanded that they put him to sleep because he was “yucky” and left him to die!
The vet technicians were appalled. They agreed to take the little Corgi mix, but what they didn’t do was put him down. Instead, they sent word to Sidewalk Specials to see if they could help the unwanted dog.

The rescue in Cape Town, South Africa agreed and came to get him. At first, they thought he had mange, as he was covered with scabs and losing fur. But he was diagnosed as having severe malnutrition and a possible allergy to ticks and fleas.
Kam Nurock decided to foster Nik Nak and get him healthy again so that he could find a forever family who would love and take care of him. But as fate would have it, Kam became a foster failure and Nik Nak became a very happy dog. He also got a new name – “Newman” to go with his new life!

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