Owners refuse to go near dog because she’s ‘too yucky’ and ‘too dirty’ to be touched

The poor animal was all covered in dirt and hadn't got a bath in a very long time. Then someone came along her way and changed her fate.



A poor dog named Sarah was unlucky enough to end up in the hands of neglectful owners who didn’t take any proper care of her. Namely, they haven’t given her a bath in a very long time and the poor animal got all dirty and smelly. They didn’t even want to take responsibility for her condition saying she was ‘too yucky’ to be touched.

Unfortunately, she was left outside, tied next to a box, waiting for someone to come long and change her faith and the poor condition she found herself in.

Her owners wouldn’t play with Sarah, neither they wanted to get near her, only because she was filthy. But they were the reason she looked like that in the first place.

Thankfully, someone kind came along the way and Sarah started thriving. She got to spend the rest of her days in a loving family who makes sure she’s all clean and well fed. She even got a furry sibling to play around with, and that’s awesome!

You can take a look at her story in the video below.