Owner Wanted His Dog To Be Put Down Because Of Bad Breath

The poor dog was neglected to the extent that all of his teeth were rotten. But instead of being put down the vets gave him new lease on life.


A dog owner took his pup named Oso to a vet and requested the little one to be put down. The reason he stated left the doctor in disbelief. Apparently, Oso had bad breath and it bothered the owner so much that he believed it was enough for the animal’s life to be ended.

The saddest part of the story is that at the time the dog was adopted from the San Jose Animal Shelter by this insane owner, Oso was perfectly healthy. His rotten teeth were a result of severe neglect. 

Instead of putting him down, the doctors were more than willing to take care of Oso’s problem. Unfortunately, that meant removing 21 of his teeth and leaving him with just a single tooth.

This was a terrifying experience, but once his rotten teeth were out, Oso’s pain faded away. He even let the rescuers and the doctors touch his face in the days following his surgery. 

When his former owner learned that the dog’s problem with bad breath was fixed, he wanted him back. But neither the doctors, nor the animal services would allow that to happen. Instead, they found lovely Oso a new forever home. 

Take a look at his story in the video below. 

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