Owner Walks Free after Shutting German Shepherd’s Mouth With a Cable Tie

This cruel man needs to be punished!


A cruel dog owner from Australia who put his German Shepherd’s life in danger and was convicted of animal abuse and endangerment avoided serving jail time and it left the whole world furious.

It was one of the neighbors who spotted that the 11-month-old dog’s mouth was shut with a cable. The poor animal was in so much pain as the cable was tied so tight it was cutting into the flesh.

Luckily, the neighbor didn’t wait long before he entered the yard of the cruel owner and cut the cable off Chloe’s snout after which he alerted the police.

It was later reported that Chloe could have easily died if she wasn’t saved on time.

Her 48-year-old owner who was charged under Animal Welfare Act walked away a free man.

Speaking of the case, Dr Brad Ward, RSPCA South Australia’s Chief Veterinarian said:

“Panting is the main way in which dogs cool their bodies, because unlike us they do not have an effective system of sweat glands.”

“If you prevent a dog from cooling its body in this way, you put it at extreme risk of overheating, particularly in warm weather.”

“Dogs must be able to cool themselves through their mouths, not to mention be able to drink and eat with ease.”

The court reached the verdict of not putting the cruel owner in jail and it infuriated many animal lovers and advocates. Apparently, he didn’t mean to kill his dog but simply forgot to take the cable from her mouth which is an outrageous defense that should have never been accepted.

He was banned from owning animals for two years and was ordered to pay $1,600 in veterinary and legal costs.

Reading stories like this one makes my heart break into a million pieces as it means that the life of animals is not considered to be as valuable as that of humans and that’s very wrong.

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