Owner Walking Their Dog Stumbles Upon Hot Dog Pieces Containing Nails on the Ground

Police are warning dog owners of the dangers!


Some people’s cruelty has no boundaries. They don’t want any stray animals around their neighborhoods and instead of solving this “problem” by trying to find them homes or at least take them at local shelters, they opt for killing them in horrific manners. In fact, what these animal killers come up with is something no sane person can ever think of. A resident from Newport was walking their dog when they stumbled upon a bag full of cut up hot dogs filled with nails.

The case was reported to the police, after which the Newport RI Police Department took to Facebook to warn other dog owners of this in hopes of avoiding their pets to eat any and die.

“On May 4th 2020 in the Thurston Ave area police responded to a report that a resident, while walking his dog noticed pieces of hot dogs scattered on the lawns, upon further checking it revealed that the hot dogs contained nails,” they wrote.

They had no idea who could do something as awful as this and hope no dog would suffer. No matter where you live, please keep a close eye on your canines when you take them walking.

The Newport, Rhode Island, police are doing their best to find the person behind this cruel act.

“The Newport Police are currently investigating this incident and request that anyone with information contact Detective Patrick Walsh at 401-845-5775.”

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