Owner Tied His Dog To A Pole And Sets It On Fire

The dog has suffered burns on 40% of his body and his condition hopefully gets better soon. But the entire city is with Tommie!


The poor dog suffered serious burns on his body…

In Richmond, Virginia, a Pit Bull named Tommie, was recently deemed unwanted by his owner, who had no qualms in trying to get rid of him no matter how barbaric or cruel it was. Last Sunday, Tommie’s owner brought him out for a walk to Abner Clay Park. It may have looked like it was just a normal walk, until Tommie’s owner stopped in front of a pole. His owner then used Tommie’s leash to prevent him from escaping, before dousing him in flammable liquid and cruelly lit it.

As Tommie was left to burn alive, his owner quickly ran away from the scene to avoid getting spotted by anyone nearby. According to eye witnesses, Tommie’s owner was described to be an adult male, “wearing multiple layers of pants”.

Tommie’s painful cries were soon heard by members of the public, who contacted the Richmond Animal Care and Control for help. Even the local fire department rushed to Tommie’s aid by extinguishing the flames on his body.

Richmond Animal Care and Control officers rescued Tommie and brought him to the Virginia Veterinary Center on West Cary Street for medical treatment.

There, Tommie was found to have suffered serious burns on 40% on his body, and his prognosis didn’t look good as his injuries were so severe.

News about Tommie spread like wildfire among the public, who donated generously and leaving countless messages of support to help him pull through this terrible ordeal. Even though Tommie’s chances of survival are slim, the shelter is hoping that he would pull through this terrible ordeal.

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