Owner Throws Ball In The Snow. Dog’s Reaction When He Can’t Find It Has Whole Internet in Stitches

Owner Throws Ball In The Snow. Dog's Reaction When He Can't Find It Has Whole Internet in Stitches


Imagine the joy on the children’s faces when it’s snowing outside. Well, it’s pretty much the same with dogs. It seems the man’s best friend enjoys running around the snow chasing snowflakes and even sliding down the hills more than we can assume.

However, this particular dog loves playing fetch with snowballs. But the thing is that the balls crumble as soon as they touch the ground, which means it’s impossible for the dog to find them in the pile of snow. This confuses the lovely canine a bit, but he doesn’t quit easily, and is running around in hopes of catching the snowball.

Although he fails every time, the joy he feels being on the snow is obvious. He is in fact experiencing the winter season for the first time in his life, which makes the whole experience even more exciting.

Take a look at the lovely dog in the video.

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