Owner returns dog to shelter because she’s ‘too affectionate’ – She finally finds a forever home

Her owner returned Jubilee at the shelter because she was 'too affectionate' and wouldn't leave his side.


The reasons why people decide to surrender their pets at shelters are many. Mainly, they come with excuses such as having dogs and cats that are too old to be taken care of, sometimes they say the animals are violent, or they simply can’t keep them any longer. But one man who brought his dog at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter surprised the staff when he told them how he didn’t want his dog because she was ‘too affectionate’ and always wanted to be by his side. That seems like the ideal dog to us, but he seemed not to appreciate his dog’s love for him at all.

His one-year-old dog named Jubilee apparently chewed up his sofa too, so he wanted her out of his home. 

The animal was left wondering why her human walked away from her. 

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A person who found himself at the shelter and overheard the owner’s reason for abandoning his pet took a picture of Jubilee and posted it on Facebook along with the story. People who stumbled upon the post shared it around and very soon a number of people contacted the shelter asking for Jubilee. 

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Speaking to Huffington Post, the rescue coordinator at the shelter said how the truth was that the dog had other issues as well so her owner though it would be for the best if another family could take her and give her a better home than he was able to provide for Jubilee. 

“He brought her to a shelter, hoping we would do what we are supposed to do — find her a home.”

Jubilee’s new owner, Samantha Fewok, says how the dog is just the perfect addition to her family. Her son loves Jubilee and the two became best of friends in a very short amount of time. The dog gets to be around her doggy sibling Abby too. 

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Jubilee’s new family makes sure they do all in their power to help her overcome her anxiety and destructive behavior. They even hired a personal dog trainer who works with Jubilee on a daily basis. 

Check the whole story in the video below.