Owner Questions Both Dogs About Cotton Mess, And Gets A Hilarious Answer!

“I wanna know who’s responsible for this. Who did that?” Dad asks his guilty looking dogs.... wait for it! 🙂


Which of these dogs did it?

Dogs are happy-go-lucky companions known to man. While they may be loyal, affectionate and charming, dogs could have their fun – at your home’s expense! In the end, it will be a mess to clean up when left unsupervised. Most dogs don’t do well when left alone, especially when there’s more than 1 canine that could cause or join in a case of great mischief! Meet Charlie and his canine sister – in which both dogs have been caught on tape in the middle of a cotton aftermath! Now who tore up the couch?

Their owner questions both dogs, asking who did it. Both dogs are shown to be unresponsive at first, without wiping their obviously guilty looks off their faces. There is also a gigantic piece of cotton-based evidence hanging off the neck of Charlie’s sister, though. Without a doubt, she must have been the culprit behind the mess. But is she really?

Their owner asks his question again and funny enough, Charlie starts to show some movement – he starts to use his paw to ‘point’ at his sister! He does so over and over again when their owner repeats the question! Now how adorable is this?

Watch the funny scene happen in the video below!

Point taken to dog lovers and owners: never leave two dogs home alone with a giant couch filled with stuffed cotton, as they may just tear it apart – simply for fun!

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