Owner Is Jailed for Starving His Dog for So Long It Was Forced to Eat Rocks

Justice has been served!


Two-year-old Doberman Pinscher was so starved by his owner that he was forced to eat rocks. Luckily, this cruel deed didn’t go unpunished. 36-year-old David Neanover will serve 180 days of prison time for cruelty against animals and additional 90 days for domestic violence, according to FOX19.

The incident that took place back in 2019 and was taken to court ended on May 7, after Judge Robert Lyons sentenced the horrible owner.

Besides serving prison time, Neanover must pay $2598.18 in restitution to the dog’s caregivers and $1500 for the court costs.

A letter from one of his acquaintances was read during the hearing. It said:

“I am asking for the full extent of the law. To let a sweet, innocent soul live in filth, no food or water, no love or kind treatment…(Neanover) even named him Lucifer when in actuality, this person should be called that.

If I was a judge, these people who abuse animals would get to experience what they did to animals. Animals are just baby souls in different bodies.”

When the dog was found by the authorities he was in a horrible state. He was dehydrated, starved, and with open wounds all over his fragile body.

Right after that, the dog was transferred to Animal Friends Humane Society where he was treated for the injuries. An X-ray showed his stomach was full with rocks, and it was devastating to hear. His tongue had an ulcer and that made his eating and drinking extremely painful.

“X-rays showed rocks in his stomach. This we did not expect, but we are not surprised. He lived his life on a VERY short-chain and was deprived of food for quite some time, so we’re sure he got to the point where he was willing to eat anything that he could get his mouth on. He is missing a chunk of his tongue.”

Sheriff Richard Jones also commented this case that caused rage at people, saying:

“No normal human being could look at this dog and think this is acceptable. The pictures are hard to view. It’s much worse in person. Animal Friends will do everything they can to save this poor animal but the current condition is very bad. I am thankful that this was reported. I just hope he can be saved and adopted to someone who cares.”

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