Owner Has Touching Reunion With Pet Donkey after Contagion Lockdown Is Lifted

Baldo, the donkey hears his owner's voice and it's the purest demonstration of unconditional love.


The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we have socialized during the recent period. Lockdowns and curfews prevented us from spending more time with our family and friends as we are forced to socially distance from one another as much as we can. This pandemic, however, not only affected humans, but animals as well.

A man from Andalusia, Spain, 38-year-old Ismael Fernandez was separated from his donkey Baldo for more than two months because of the current situation with the virus that spreads quickly and affects many. During that time, Baldo was taken care of by Ismael’s brother. These two never really spent much time away from one another, so both were overly excited to finally reunite.

Source: Metro UK

Ismael confessed how he feared that his friend wouldn’t recognize him, but all the doubts faded away the moment he yelled Baldo’s name. Once Baldo heard a familiar voice, he started running towards Ismael who couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him.

Ismael had a hard time keeping happy tears from rolling down his face.

Source: Metro UK

Baldo responded in the best manner he could. He let out some sounds, wanting to tell his owner that he missed him as much.

Ismael said, “I am not ashamed that you hear me crying [in the video] because it was a demonstration of unconditional love”

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