Owner Gets into Argument With Cop Who Was Forced to Smash Window to Save Dog from Hot Car

After leaving the dog trapped in a hot car for 2 hours, the owners got angry when a cop smashed the window to save the dog. Do you think the cop did the right thing?


Neglectful pet owners are the worst. I will never understand why would someone get a dog if they are not fully committed to their needs and don’t have the time or the will to take care of them.

A Plymouth police officer came across a dog locked in a hot car. The poor animal was struggling to breath as the vehicle was getting hotter and hotter. Seeing that, the cop didn’t even hesitate a bit before he smashed the window and pulled the dog out.

Apparently, the poor dog was trapped inside the car for more than two hours and if the cop didn’t save him, he could have easily die from a heatstroke.

But, the real trouble started when the owner got to the scene and saw the smashed window of the car. Instead of being thankful that his dog was safe and sound, he got into an argument with the cop.

The officer, however, explained that he had all the right to crack the window and to avoid tragedy from taking place.

The dog was handed to RSPCA and was taken at a vet’s for a check up.

Leaving pets locked in hot vehicles unattended is punishable by law.

What do you think ?