Owner Mad At Dog For Giving Birth, Dumps Newborn Puppies Separating Them From Their Mama

The cold-hearted owner got rid of the puppies by leaving them at the doorstep of the shelter. He separated the poor babies from their mother while they still hadn't open their tiny eyes.


Recently, three newborn puppies were found at shelter’s doorstep. The poor souls were so tiny that the staff there knew they couldn’t possibly survive without proper care. Their mother was not by their side and it made things even harder as it meant they would need a constant care.

The shelter workers spread the story and Vet Ranch stepped in. They were more than happy to provide the babies with the so much anticipated assistance.

The veterinarians there were angry at the owner who dumped the babies and separated them from their mother. But since that sad reality couldn’t change, they took the role of a mommy for River, Willow, and Meadow.

The puppies never stopped fighting for their life and grew fond of the staff that treated them with so much love and care.

Vet Ranch posted a video of the puppies on YouTube and they later updated it saying how all the three siblings found their forever homes.

We honestly hope that the rough start of their life wouldn’t stop them from thriving.

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