Owner Asked Vet To Euthanize Sick Dog, But He Makes Another Choice

A celebrity dog that was given another lease on life.


His owner wanted to get rid of him, but the vet refused..

Dr. Setzer, a local vet working at the Lesslie Animal Hospital knew a dog named Debo, and dubbed him as a very special Pit Bull the moment he was brought in by his former owners. The dog had a number of medical issues which included skin problems, dual ear infections, hookworms and even heartworms. These would incur expensive medical bills to cure, thus his owners wanted to euthanize him instead.

However, the veterinarian believed that Debo would recover with some care and love. He managed to convince Debo’s owners to sign him over to his hospital, and they paid him a small amount of money to account for his medical bills. Dr. Setzer’s team phoned Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue group to assist in Debo’s recuperation and rehabilitation.

They agreed to foster 7-year-old Debo, in which what they did for him would make a tremendous improvement in his overall health and well-being.

Dr. Setzer and his team also noticed that Debo needs both of his ear canals removed due to untreatable infections. He and team carry the hope that Debo would be able to live better without these health issues hindering his recuperation.

With the number of surgeries needed, Debo has to rely on donations in order to afford them. Since November 2017 after Dr. Setzer saved Debo from euthanization, Big Heart Rescue has raised more than $1,200 to help with his medical fees! The group is aiming for another $2,700  in order to fully cover all of Debo’s procedures.

The vet’s ultimate goal is to restore him back to a healthy state and get him into a home. Preferably with a couple and two or three children, who really love him and treat him as part of the family.

Dr. Setzer says:” That’s what he needs. He’s craving that and I think once he gets that, he’s going to be just fine.”

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