Orphaned Pit Bull Puppy on Brink of Death Gets Adopted By an Unlikely Mama

The dying puppy badly needed his mama to survive but the shelter had no idea how to help him. That's when a mother angel stepped in.


The story of Norland, an orphaned Pit Bull puppy who was found by the workers of Cleveland Animal Protective League, is one of the most amazing stories we’ve ever stumbled upon.

This tiny baby was in a very bad state. All covered in flies and starved, Norland was likely to die if the rescuers didn’t take him out of the filthy place where he was abandoned. However, bringing him at the shelter didn’t seem to be of much help, as he still needed his mom in order to survive.

Source: Annette Lawless/YouTube

Feeding him was very hard, and Norland was losing his strength as he wasn’t getting much food. And as everyone thought the sweet pup wouldn’t make it, someone very special took a notice of him; a mommy cat named Lurlene that resided at the shelter with her litter.

As incredible as it sounds, Lurlene took Norland under her wing and started nursing him.

Source: Annette Lawless/YouTube

Lurlene was an amazing mother to the pup and watched over him day and night. She was always by his side when the shelter volunteers fed him formula for nutrition. This incredible mommy cat was the reason why Norland survived.

Source: Annette Lawless/YouTube

The staff at the shelter makes sure they post regular updates of the happy family of cats and their son and brother Norland. He now grew bigger than his cat mom and loves her and his siblings so very much. They all spend their days together like a big, happy family.

Take a look at the video of Norland’s rescue and his encounter with Lurlene below.

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