Officer Spots 10-Week-Old Puppy — In A Box By The Road

The cop planned to foster her until she found a home. But that didn't work out. 😉


The puppy had been left in the box and out in the hot sun..

One afternoon at 87 Degrees Fahrenheit, Deputy Earl Hanners was out on patrol on the roads of Atlanta, Georgia. He then received a phone call that would change his life forever. The call concerned an abandoned puppy, who had been shut in a box and dumped on the side of an empty road. One passerby had discovered the box, and was surprised that the box had concealed a young puppy. The stranger gave the puppy some water and placed the box upright to shade it from the sun before dialing 911.

Officer Hanners was preoccupied and kept busy with a car accident at the time, thus another colleague of his answered in his stead. Officer Hanners drove down to help the poor pup once he was ready. The puppy had been there all along, and never ran away.

Hanners told his colleague to not contact animal control, as he would take it upon himself to ferry the pup to a vet. He named her Bridget after the check-up, and took her back to his home.

Officer Hanners gave Bridget some food and water. While she relaxed and ate, he called the vet. The kind-hearted deputy realized that this puppy was special to him, and decided to keep her instead!

Bridget was not the first dog he has rescued. Officer Hanners fosters dogs and works with a local rescue group named ‘Hounds in Pounds’. He currently has eight rescue Pugs residing in his home! Before introducing Bridget to the others, he had to make sure that she had a clean bill of health, along with the necessary vaccinations.

Today, Bridget has settled down in the deputy’s home. She has truly found her rightful place in a forever loving home – thanks to one big-hearted police officer!

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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