Ocean phenomenon caught on tape as dolphins make “net” using ocean mud

In case you haven’t heard, dolphins are awesome.


BBC Earth’s documentary “One Life” took us closer than ever to the life and the secrets of many animals and living creatures. One segment of it is all about the most intelligent creatures, the dolphins. What appears to be a huge “net” made of ocean mud was caught on tape and people dubbed this occurrence an ocean phenomenon.

Well, dolphins made catching their pray easy and mesmerizing to witness. They work in groups, although a single dolphin can create the net if needed. This school of dolphins made sure the fish jump right into their mouths without them even stalking their prey. On the contrary, they seem to be having fun while feasting.

It all starts with a single dolphin flapping its tail against the bottom of the sea while swimming in a circle in the shallow. At first it looks like the dolphin is showing some sort of weird behavior, but in fact, it’s trying to create a net out of the mud. Using this method, fish are trapped inside the circle and are easy to catch. Isn’t this brilliant? Who could have thought dolphins could come up with such technique to ease their job of filling their bellies.

This only confirms what we already know of these magnificent creatures; that they are extremely smart. Share this incredible video with your friends.