Not so sly fox wedged herself between fence and tree


In Austin, Texas a not so sly fox needed the help of Animal Protection officers on Tuesday. It seems the female fox was stuck in between a fence and a tree; her foot was caught in a fence slat. We can only guess she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings as her mother had most likely taught her.

According to KhouNews, Mark Sloat, the program manager for field services with Austin Animal Center, received a distress call about the trapped animal; two Animal Protection officers were quickly dispatched to a residence on Rogge Lane. The experienced wildlife officers were able to keep themselves safe, the fox still and then free her foot from in between the slats of the fence.

Once rescued, the gray fox was transported to Wildlife Rescue Inc. to be checked over to make sure she had no injuries prior to her being released back into the forest. Oddly enough, the Austin Animal Center had another rescue one week ago – very similar circumstances, and fortunately that fox was not injured either.

Many thanks to our wildlife rescuers. These were definitely the lucky foxes; now if only they could get a little wiser when roaming about fences.

(Photo of not so sly fox via the Austin Animal Center)

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