Nobody Wanted The ‘Saddest Dog In The World,’ Then This Family Stepped In

What an ending! Get a tissue for this one. ❤️


A dog’s life is one that is filled with simple pleasures.  It only takes a human voice to make their tail start wagging with excitement.  Imagine how depressed this dog must have been to receive the title of “saddest dog in the world.

Lana, a 3-year-old Lab, was rescued by Rescue Dogs Match in Toronto, Canada, when she was only a young puppy. She was first adopted in 2015, but was returned to the shelter.

After a long and patient wait, she was adopted again in 2016.  Again she was returned a few months later.  She was low on confidence and needed a family that would have patience with her.  

The shelter put up this photo of Lana looking sad.   The photo went viral and Lana was dubbed the saddest dog in the world.

When Lana’s story hit the internet, the shelter started receiving hundreds of calls every day from people who wanted to adopt her. The shelter ended up receiving over 4,000 applications for her adoption.

After a lot of screening, the shelter finally announced on Facebook that they had found the perfect home for her!

Were you as glad as we were to hear Lana finally found a forever home.

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