No One Wanted to Helped This Desperate Pit Bull So She Roamed the Streets in Agony

Sweet Matilda was overlooked by everyone, but what she did after she was finally rescued is a lesson we should all learn from.


Pit Bulls have proven many times that they make awesome pets and loyal companions, but people somehow still think of them as aggressive and avoid adopting them, or in the case of sweet Matilda, even saving them from dying.

Matilda spent a long time on the streets covered in wounds and left to fend for herself. Many people spotted her and were aware she was in need of saving, but her breed prevented them from approaching her. They assumed her wounds were from dogfighting and labeled her aggressive.

Poor Matilda, however, was never involved in fighting but was suffering from a skin disease.

Thankfully, a group of volunteers from a rescue group spotted Matilda one day and stepped in. She was the sweetest dog ever and let them get get near.

Matilda was finally taken off the streets and brought to be checked for her condition. The vets started treating her disease and her wounds and she was so sweet that she gave them a kiss and let them hug her.

Matilda needed someone to be by her side during her recovery, and just the right person stepped in and offered to foster her; the dog trainer at the rescue organization that saved her.

As expected, this brave dog blended perfectly with the rest of the dogs under the trainer’s care and got the chance to show her vibrant personality.

When the time came for her to be put up for adoption, her trainer couldn’t bare to see her leaving, so he adopted her himself.

From a street dog everyone was scared of, Matilda is now her daddy’s little helper. She learned many tricks and is helping other dogs to get around well.

She teaches the new canines how to play peacefully without biting, how to respond to commands, and many more. Thanks to her, a number of dogs who were labeled unadoptable are now in their forever homes.

Dogs like Matilda help fight against the stereotypes people have about Pit Bulls.

Make sure you don’t miss the video of Matilda provided by Orphan Pet. Her life story is so inspiring so please share it with your family and friends.

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