New law being passed makes it a felony to leave a pet in a hot car. Do you support this idea?


In 2018, pet owners really can’t say they didn’t know the dangers of leaving their pet in a hot car. We love animals, and that makes us really happy to hear about Nevada’s new law.

Nevada state passed Senate bill 409 which criminalizes the act of leaving a pet in the car during the heat. Doing so to a child is already a crime, so why would it be any different for pets? When convicted, an individual can spend up to six months in prison and a thousand dollar fine.

With so many publicized tragedies about the issue, people have no defense to claim they did not know the dangers.

Sadly, only 23 states have laws in place which protect the animals left in hot cars. In these states, the crime is classified as a class “A” misdemeanor. These laws protect any bystanders who must damage the car to get the animal out.

Some states specify cats and dogs, others list domestic animals, and some go so far as to say any vertebrate besides humans or livestock.



What do you think ?