Owner Beats & Tapes Dog’s Muzzle – Neighbors Break into His Yard to Rescue the Poor Animal

The poor dog was often beaten up, chained without food, and his muzzle taped shut. The neighbors' patience wore thin as they witnessed the dog slowly slip away into depression.


The story of this poor dog who was neglected and abused his whole life but finally got the chance to start it all over gives us hope that second chances do exist.


His owners seemed to hate him so much, that the fact they were leaving him without any food or water wasn’t enough, so they would often stop by the yard he was staying at to beat him and tape his muzzle.

The neighbors alerted the authorities in many occasions, but once they realized no one was actually doing anything for the poor soul, they took matters into their own hands. So, one day, they broke into the dog’s yard and rescued the neglected animal.

Neighbors rescue abused dog and give him the life that every dog deserves
Animal Advocates Society

The animal was terrified and helpless. He couldn’t understand why his owners treated him with such disrespect.

Animal Advocates Society

The most unbelievable thing was that he didn’t hate them back. Throughout the years of abuse, he still hoped they would show him some love. The neighbors witnessed him waiting and knocking on the door, anticipating to be let in. But that never happened.

Animal Advocates Society
Animal Advocates Society

Over time, the dog became anxious and lost his will to live. He would often bark hysterically to everyone who would try to get near him.

The neighbors knew that if he ended up in a shelter, he would be euthanized, and they couldn’t let that happen.

Animal Advocates Society
Animal Advocates Society

But once in the hands of his caring neighbors, the dog became calm again. He knew his ordeal had come to an end and that better days were awaiting for him.


The dog was given a new name, Alfie, and he was soon placed with a new family.

Animal Advocates Society

For the first time in his life, this sweet dog could experience what it feels like to be able to run freely.

Animal Advocates Society

His muzzle would never be taped again.


Animal Advocates Society

He experienced freedom and he loved it!

Animal Advocates Society
Animal Advocates Society

Thanks to the loving neighbors, Alfie was given new lease on life and he’s finally ready to put his sad past behind.

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