Neighbor Moves Out – But Left His Whining And Crying Pup Behind


The pup had been scratching at the door with all its might.

One afternoon in Fresno, California, one of the neighbors spotted a dog howling at one of the formerly occupied residences. It was also scratching at the door continuously, wanting to be let in again. Little did the pup know that no one was actually living there. Concerned, the neighbor posted a post on Facebook that read: “My neighbor moved out this morning and left this poor dog behind its been crying and scratching the door. I cannot afford to keep it, anybody willing to re-home it?” The post quickly went viral, as concern for the abandoned puppy grew on the online networking site.

The post concerning animal well-being caused outrage amongst many animal lovers, as they are shocked to see that the poor young puppy was in a terrible condition throughout its wait. The puppy was dirty, ungroomed and clearly, extremely distressed and unhappy. That was no way to treat a loyal family companion.

As it would have turned out, the dog had spent days wandering about with no shelter, food or water. All it ever wanted was to reunite with its former owners again – but sadly, to no avail as its agonizing wait continued.

The dog was then noticed by a woman named Shirley Martindale-Horner, and she proceeded to pick the abandoned pup up and ferried him to the local dog groomer’s. That was where the once abandoned pup got an offer by someone kind enough to adopt the little fellow – Shirley herself!

The puppy has gained a new name along with a new forever home – Aubrey! Luckily for Aubrey, his new family loves him as much as he loves them, and he knows that he now truly has a home for life.

Watch the sad moment below:

Remember, never leave your pets behind even if you have to move. Make sure they are properly re-homed and happy before you leave – to abandon them is akin to death for many.

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