Neglected Pit Bull Takes Her Freedom Walk Out of the Shelter

She can finally put her sad past behind her!


Sadly, many animals, especially cats and dogs, end up at shelters. Most times, the people working at these places do their best to make the animals’ stay as comfortable as possible, until, hopefully, someone comes along their way and offers them a forever home.

A sweet Pit Bull named Aimee spent some time at the Carson Animal Care Center but now her life would take a different turn as she’s finally being adopted.

The shelter staff believed that this beauty’s life wasn’t an easy one as her chopped ears and her scarred body spoke of the fights she was involved in, probably used as a fighting dog.

Luckily, that’s now in the past and Aimee is about to spend her days surrounded by humans who’d do anything in their power to make her life an extraordinary one.

As for her, we guess she could feel great things were yet to come based on her sweet reaction to the news she’s finally going HOME!

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