Neglected Pit Bull Spent Many Years Chained To A Wall – But Never Gave Up Hope

Norman spent most of his life chained to a wall, completely neglected. All the sweet dog wanted was to be rescued and brought to a loving home.


This poor pit bull had been chained up for most of his life..

In 2015, a Brooklyn-based animal rescue organization called AMA Animal Rescue received news about a severely neglected pit bull who was found in a park. When the rescuers arrived, they were shocked to see that the pit bull was in terrible shape. The dog had been chained to a wall, and had missing patches of fur. The rescuers also smelt rotting flesh, and the poor dog could barely stand. So far, this was the worst animal abuse case that they had ever seen. Although the dog was in a bad shape, it still made him happy to see his rescuers. He started to wag his tail as soon as the rescuers approached him, like he knew that he was being rescued.

AMA Animal Rescue gave the dog some food before freeing him and carried him to their van. The rescuers also named the dog Norman and brought him to a vet clinic for medical help.

Unfortunately, Norman did not only suffer from undernourishment and infected wounds. He was also found to be blind, deaf and suffered from arthritis. The vet informed the rescuers that Norman was about 10 years old, and most probably had never received any affection in his life.

Norman was given IV fluids to help his immune system fight against the infections he had. They also fed him ample amounts of food and water for nourishment. Once Norman’s condition improve, he was given physical therapy for his arthritis.

When Norman recovered enough to be discharged, AMA Animal Rescue posted about Norman on their Facebook page to find a foster home for him. Not long after, Norman was on his way to his very first foster home, where he got along great with his foster mom. After 3 weeks, Norman was finally adopted and had a warm welcome in his new forever home.

His mom even attached a special ramp to her back porch so that Norman could have an easier access to the backyard. Norman got along well with his new family and even spent Christmas with them! Sadly, Norman peacefully passed away in September 2016. Even though he only had spent a short amount of time with his family, he knew that his family loved him with all their heart when no one else had previously.

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