Motorist Stops To Help Stray Pup, Notices She’s Protecting A Hidden Treasure

A pitiful stray sits on a pile of trash, baking in the harsh desert heat. A concerned driver stops, gets close, and then notices the pooch is protecting a hidden treasure...


Easily visible to everybody, a sad pup sits on a trash pile near the road. Sadly, most drivers are too busy to stop and help.

Lucky for the dog, one driver couldn’t leave the pooch there.

The driver pulled his car over and walked towards the poor white terrier dog.

After getting closer he realized the situation was about to be much worse. He saw the dog was not on the pile by itself.

Inside a tire, he saw two more pups. All three needed immediate assistance.

Knowing this, the man called Faith Easdale, a rescuer with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.

Easdale and Cassandra Aldridge rushed to the scene.

They realized the dogs became super dehydrated and gave them the necessary fluids at a local vet. In addition, the dogs suffered from ticks and tooth problems.

To add to the stress, they found out the black poodle was pregnant!

Full recovery of the dogs would take some time.

Finally, the pups are back to health. Rescuers named them Michelin, Pirelli, and Kumho.

Now, the pups search for their forever home.

What an amazing turnaround!

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