Mother Duck Quacked At A Man For Help

A man was walking down the street when a duck started quacking at him. He wasn't sure what the animal wanted at first— but soon, he realized it was asking him for help...


She knew that she needed some help..

Sometimes, animal mothers would seek help from humans, like this mother duck. In August 2016,  a man was out for a walk when he heard quacking nearby. Curiosity got the better of him, so he turned his head to look for the source of the quacking. Behind a railing, a mother duck was looking straight at him, quacking for help. The man decided to investigate and got over the railing to take a closer look. When he got closer, he found the mother duck standing in front of some floor grates while continuing to quack for help. It was then he heard some chirping sounds coming from underneath the floor grates. 

The mother duck must have unknowingly led her ducklings across the floor grate and later noticed that they have fallen through the gaps of the floor grates. 

Knowing that she could not get them out by herself, she decided to try to call for help. The man realized this and immediately called the Phoenix Fire Department for help. 

The Phoenix Fire Department soon arrived and started to lift up the floor grates to rescue the ducklings. After they have used flashlights to ensure that the area was clear of snakes, the firemen proceeded to extend a ladder down the sewer hole. 

One of the firemen then descended into the sewer hole to rescue the ducklings. After some time, the firemen managed to rescue all of the ducklings, who quickly scurried to their worried mother.

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