Mother Dog Was Found Chained Up To A Tree – And Left To Starve


A mother dog was left chained up, starving..

On December 5th in 2017, a Louisiana based rescue organization called St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue shared a heartbreaking post on their Facebook page. According to the post, a mother dog named Libby had been found chained up to a tree and left to starve to death. Libby was found covered in ants and surrounded by mosquitoes due to her situation, much to the rescuers’ horror. It was then that the rescuers notice that Libby seemed to be guarding something.

When they approached Libby, they were shocked to find a small litter of eight puppies under the tree! As Libby was unable to move due to the chain, she was forced to give birth to her puppies in the dirt. The rescuers quickly managed to unchain Libby, who maintained her vigil on her puppies.

Unfortunately, even though Libby had tried her best to protect her puppies, one of her puppies had drowned in the pool of blood. The rescuers immediately brought Libby and her puppies to Bellevue Vet Clinic, where Libby soon gave birth to another four puppies. Both Libby and her puppies were given round-the-clock medical care at the vet clinic.

Libby was put on an IV due to her malnourished state. As such, she was unable to provide sufficient milk for her puppies. To help the puppies, the vet clinic staff fed them with formula instead. Libby’s story quickly garnered the attention of netizens, who decided to help by donating money for their vet bills.

Care packages were also donated to Libby, which contained various items such as hand-made blankets, dog toys and even treats! Thanks to these donations by these kind-hearted netizens, both Libby and her puppies are now more comfortable than ever. Local authorities are still hunting down the culprit responsible for Libby’s plight.

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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