Mother dog helps save her puppies trapped in a water drainage

Just like what this female dog did after her puppies were trapped inside a water drainage.


Many times we got to witness the power of mother’s love, not only at humans, but animals, and even insects as well. It’s the purest form of love and it’s unselfish, unconditional, and endless.

A mother never hesitates to stand for her children, and she is ready to sacrifice her own happiness and even life for the well-being of her offspring.

Another example of how this love works can be seen in the video that shows a female dog trying to save her puppies that got trapped in a water drainage.

Reportedly, this event happened after a heavy rain, when the mother herself placed the puppies in a hole under the ground in hopes of protecting them from the bad weather not realizing the hole may fill up with water. But once she saw the water filling the hole, she felt devastated and made sure her owner heard her cry for help.

The poor mother was digging the ground around the hole and she wasn’t stopping even for a moment because she was aware that every second mattered and that she was fighting against time. The owner helped take the water out using a pitcher and both were concerned and anxious as they worked to save the lives of the babies.

Once the dog felt the hole was big enough for her to fit in, without having second thoughts and being aware she was risking her own life, the mother got inside and tried to reach the babies. Luckily, she managed to pull all of them out.

One of the puppies was unresponsive but the owner tried to revive it and the little baby grasped for the air and started breathing on its own again.

The mother was happy to be by her puppies’ side again and she will certainly never let them out of her sight.

This video was posted on the Facebook page of The Epoch Times Canada and it since reached millions of people who got to see what a mother is ready to do for the safety of her children.

Take a look at the brave mommy that stunned the world.

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