Monster pours boiling tar on 4 puppies – then some heroes find them and act quickly


This story makes my blood boil.

It happened in the city of Isai in northeastern Romania. Four puppies were found covered in burning hot tar. They were lying helpless in the middle of the street, and someone had left them there to die.

Thankfully, the good folks at The Sky Foundation for Animal Rights found about the poor puppies before it was too late. They arrived at the animal clinic in critical condition and had to be put under anaesthetic while the tar was removed.

Fortunately, all four pups are doing well. But sadly, this wasn’t the first time dogs had been tortured with hot tar in Romania.

The horrifying incident happened last summer. But what makes me even angrier about this story is that, according to the Daily Mail, the police officer assigned to the case admitted that he wasn’t going to waste his time investigating this crime.

Animal advocacy groups including The Sky Foundation are working to help abused and neglected animals in Romania. But they can’t do it alone. People need to learn that it’s not okay to harm animals. And the police need to let the public that they won’t tolerate animal abuse.

Please share this story to help raise awareness about animal abuse and to let people know that it’s never okay to hurt an animal!

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