Mom’s Two Dogs Play Dead to Avoid Being Told Off for the Mess They Created

They can't help but get up when mom offers them a treat! 😂


I remember what it felt like being a naughty kid while growing up. Trying to get off the hook by coming up with a bunch of excuses for all those silly things I did. But what I have never thought of in order to avoid being blamed for all my messes was to play dead. Well, who knows, maybe if I knew these two bulldogs back then, I would have tried the tactics as well. 😆

Bulldogs Sophia and Oliver were left alone in the house while their human parents were away and made a mess in the living room.

And now that mom and dad were back already, they knew they had to face the consequences. But as neither Sophia nor Oliver were ready for that, they chose the easy way; pretended to be dead and just lay down on the floor.

Anyways, it looks like mom knows what they are up to and tricks them into getting up by saying the magic word dogs love listening to; a treat!

Once she asks them who wants a snack the dogs pop up right away and forget all about the mess they made.

“Thought you were dead,” mom says when she sees them both up. What they do next after realizing they were being tricked is go back to their “dead” pose, as simple as that.

Check out the video of Sophia and Oliver’s incredible acting skills below. You’re going to love it, that’s for sure!

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