Moment of mother chimpanzee playing with her child ”melts” millions of hearts

After playing the plane game with children, the mother chimp embracing her baby and curled up on the ground


Life at the jungle of the National Park In Ivory Cost is nothing but fun and enjoyable for the habitants, among which a chimpanzee mother and her infant chimp. A video shows a very emotional moment these two share and it left people stunned because their ‘game’ resembles that of a human with their child. Lying on the ground and swaying the baby in the air using her legs, the mother makes sure her baby is entertained. The ‘plane’ game ends with a huge, cozy hug and lots of kissing.

Chimpanzees’ behavior is known to be close to humans’. That’s why it’s not surprising for this mother to be acting this way. Nurturing and caring for the young ones can continue up to five years and even more. When the mother has new babies, which usually happens every five years, it’s not uncommon for other children to stay by her side and help with the newborns. These mothers offer protection, support, and education to their offspring.

It’s also scientifically proven that they can express different emotions such as being happy and sad. In case a baby chimp dies, the mother mourns for days and it’s not that often that she carries the dead child’s body around, until she feels ready to say the final goodbye. They are aware of the loss of a loved one and know how to express empathy.

Chimpanzees learn by doing. They actually repeat their mother’s behaviors and that’s how they gather knowledge of what is wrong and what is right.

As for their ability to express love, affection, and devotion, you just need to watch this heart-warming video of the cutest interaction and you’ll understand they have plenty of it to share with their babies. Enjoy!

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