Mom sets her baby down on the barn floor, right below the horse. Horse knows just what to do


This story is all about a horse and a baby who have gone viral on social media in the video below. It all started when Tracy Lega took her little one with her into the stable to visit her horse, Donato. Putting the baby down all tucked up snugly in her carrier, the baby begins to fuss. Immediately, Donato’s attention is captured.

Small children are often afraid of animals, and it’s no wonder. They’re bigger, strange looking, and they smell funny, too. But this baby doesn’t seem to be a bit afraid of the enormous horse that towers above her.Donato’s pricked ears show that he is very interested in the small creature in the funny apparatus that moves when he touches it.

All the while, the little baby looks up at him fearlessly, with curiosity in her eyes. Perhaps she’s wondering what this huge thing is. Nevertheless, she seems captivated by the horse.

Donata watches the carrier rock. When it stops, the baby cries out for more and Donato obliges, once again lowering his nose to be able to reach the carrier and keep it moving.

Rocking the baby seems to be something the horse is really getting into, as he doesn’t let her start really crying, but responds immediately to her sounds.

It makes you wonder if, exposed so early to the equine scene, will Tracy’s little girl grow up to be an avid horse lover like her mom? Perhaps one day, we’ll see a video of this little one leading her own pony around, or riding in an arena.

If you’re a horse lover, where did your love begin? Share the video below with your friends who love horses, and use it as a communication jumping off spot to share your stories about how you got into horses. Sounds like fun!


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