Mom Leaves Dogs Alone With Christmas Decorations — When The Door Closes, They All Get To Work

I wish these dogs could decorate my house!


Christmas is the time of love, mutual respect, lots of sparkling decorations, and perfectly wrapped gifts. And as many people try to come up with the perfect holiday videos through which they will wish a merry Christmas to the whole world, there is one that is unlike any other.

In fact, “A Doggy Christmas Surprise” has been seen by more than 15 million people and it leaves us speechless every single time.

Eight dogs are left alone inside a Budapest apartment and if you think they will make a mess, you can’t be more wrong. They do just the opposite. Decorate the Christmas tree. Yes, you’ve heard that right.

Source: Nora Vamosi-Nagy via YouTube

The three-minute video shows the perfectly trained dogs working around the place, making sure everything is ready for the most wonderful day of the year. As the classic hit “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” goes in the background, the pups start their activities.

First, one of them folds up the rug and then they start hanging the ornaments, and with a little bit of camera magic, all the decorations are easily placed on the branches.

What follows next is wrapping garland around the tree. And how the dogs do it? -Using a ladder.

Source: Nora Vamosi-Nagy via YouTube

Isn’t this the most beautifully decorated tree ever? The only thing that’s missing are the lights and the nicely wrapped presents. But don’t worry, the intelligent puppies have everything under control. One of them opens the door to the cupboard where the gifts are, and they bring one by one underneath the tree.

And while everyone is left in awe and watches the impressive video in disbelieve, many can’t help but wonder how could the dogs be so precisely trained for such a complex task. The trainer for the dogs, Nora Vamosi-Nagy, told The Bark that she used the Mirror Method to train the dogs.

Source: Nora Vagosi-Nagy via YouTube

The dogs belong to a group that performs choreographed acts at public events. They are so well-trained, it only took six hours to shoot the entire video.

“We didn’t practice at all for the video shooting. But the dogs knew everything. They understood all the words; they understood to go forward, to bring this, to put that there. It wasn’t difficult at all. In six hours, we shot all the material,” Vamosi-Nagy told The Bark.

Source: Nora Vagori-Nagy via YouTube

After the video was uploaded on YouTube it became an instant sensation. And while everyone would expect for such a large group of dogs to turn the place upside down, these particular sweeties bring the Christmas spirit closer to us using their incredible talent.

“Christmas Doggy Surprise” is absolutely adorable. It’s the perfect way to not only get in the Christmas spirit, but you’ll get your “cute dog fix” too.

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