Mom Finds Dog Who Was Missing For 2 Weeks, Dad Spots Them Pulling Up He Sobs Like A Baby

Buttercup was missing for days! The family had been hanging signs and searching for her the entire time. When Mom got the call she was safe she hurried out the door. As she pulls up to their home Dad spots the dog in the front seat. I would have the same reaction! ❤️


This is the amazing story of Buttercup, the sweetest dog out there who went missing for twelve days. The family assumed that the dog escaped after he tried to follow them once they left their home by digging a hole next to the fence.

Not being that familiar with the neighborhood, they placed posters all over it and informed everyone who lived near by that the dog was nowhere to be found. After a thorough search, Buttercup’s mommy finally found him lying at the doorstep of a house.

She was very excited, but she knew the daddy would be even more thrilled so she decided to put everything on tape, and we are so lucky she did it, because this is definitely one of the best reunions you’ll ever get to see. Both emotional and hilarious, it will make you watch it again and again.

The mommy starts the video by saying, “Look who I found” as they are driving towards their house. Now, if you think this is adorable, look at the following scene of the doggie and daddy seeing each other after so much time. As he notices the car approaching near and the dog is inside, he just can’t wait to hug his furry pal and he’s bouncing off the walls as he is running to the car. It’s so hilarious to watch when he can’t open the car’s door and starts screaming, “open the door” as he puts his arms inside through the open window.

And now before you watch the moment Buttercup and his daddy hugging, you may need to grab a tissue. Both are overly excited and it’s obvious the family loves their dog to the moon and back.

Take a look at the heart-warming video that melted the hearts of many people, not only dog owners, but everyone who got to watch the reunion.

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