Meet Ronnie, The First Dog To Be Abandoned in 2018


Ronnie was just 8 weeks old when he was purchased online..

Having a dog is a responsibility for life and are therefore not disposable.

On special events of the year such as birthdays and especially Christmas, some people would buy puppies as gifts. These puppies would be often later abandoned or given up as their owners were either unprepared or unable to care for them. Unfortunately for Ronnie, this was what happened to him.

Ronnie was only 8 weeks old when he was purchased online and given as a gift. He was sadly left at Battersea Dogs and Cats Rescue in London a few days later. His owner had recently became homeless so he could no longer keep Ronnie.

Ronnie is currently being held at the shelter to receive the appropriate vaccinations, go through a medical checkup and receive a microchip. Once the shelter staff feels that Ronnie is ready for adoption, they will find a forever home for him. According to Alice Holt, a staff member at the shelter, Ronnie is very affectionate and has a friendly but playful personality. The shelter’s owner, Steven Craddock, was saddened that such an unfortunate event has happened to Ronnie but not surprised to hear that he had been purchased online.

In addition, the veterinary staff believes that Ronnie had been taken from his family too soon and most probably sold by a breeder who only cared about profits. Online dog sales have become one of the major problems that animal advocates today face.The shelter has predicted that they might house up to 550 animals soon. The shelter also recently launched a fundraising effort named ‘In From The Cold’ to help stray pets stay out of the cold. The money raised from this effort would allow Battersea to provide dogs and cats with a warm bed.

Craddock sincerely hopes that Ronnie’s story will help to urge people to consider the responsibility of owning a dog and remind people to adopt dogs and puppies from shelters, instead of simply purchasing them online from inhumane breeders.

You can watch a video of Ronnie story below:








News about Ronnie has attracted many potential adopters, so once the shelter has selected the perfect family for him, he would finally have a forever home!

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