Man Throws Treat To Orangutan, Gets Priceless Response

Not many people can say they've experienced this!


Animals seem to way more intelligent than we assume. They often show certain behavior that amazes us and makes us believe how we underestimate their intelligence. 

An amazing scene of a very special interaction between a zoo visitor named Vitaly R. and an orangutan was caught on camera and it’s so adorable that it has been viewed over 17 million times for all the right reasons. It will certainly put a big smile on your face. 

The fun encounter took place in the Bali Zoo in Indonesia. 

Source: Ossi Petruska/Wikimedia Commons

While the zoo boasts African lions, saltwater crocodiles, Asian forest turtles (and more!), visitors’ favorite residents are the hilarious orangutans. During his visit, Vitaly took the opportunity to meet the beloved creatures himself.

Source: Video Screenshot

Vitaly is eager to visit the orangutans’ sanctuary and treat them with a nice treat. He leans over the barrier and throws the piece of food to one of the inhabitants. What he didn’t see coming was for him to get a present back. Yes, you’ve heard that right. The orangutan felt like he had to pay Vitaly back for the surprise treat. 

Source: Video Screenshot

Believe it or not, the giant animal reached behind his back and took a banana in his hands. That was the one thing he could give Vitaly as a thank you. 

Making sure his caretakers weren’t watching, he tossed it to his new friend.

Source: Video Screenshot

To be honest, it seems at first that the orangutan is about to throw the banana at Vitaly in order to hit him with it, but the way he does it tells us he is just being friendly.

Source: Video Screenshot

Although the orangutan’s reaction is amusing, it shouldn’t really surprise us that much because it’s already scientifically proven that humans are closely related to primates and share same traits. 

In fact, 97% of our DNA is identical to orangutans, with some scientists speculating they may even be our closest relative (and not the chimpanzee).


Because of our physical similarities with orangutans, the primates are susceptible to certain “human” diseases, like tuberculosis and hepatitis B. But, on a brighter note, these creatures also demonstrate impressive intelligence, with scientists estimating they’re actually as smart as a 3 or 4-year-old child.

If you have doubts you can check the video below and see how this orangutan reacts to the magic trick. He certainly resembles a child. 

According to Michelle Desilets, the executive director of Orangutan Land, orangutans are the smartest apes. 

“If you give a chimpanzee a screwdriver, he’ll break it; if you give a gorilla a screwdriver, he’ll toss it over his shoulder; but if you give an orangutan a screwdriver, he’ll open up his cage and walk away.”

People take the time to comment how cool Vitaly’s experience is, saying:

“Orangutan kept looking around making sure his keeper wasn’t watching him.”

“Not many people can say they’ve played catch with an orangutan.”

“That’s hilarious.. lucky man… U should be Thankful to MR. Monkey!!”

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