Man wanted to return the shelter dog, but then found the previous owner’s letter and things took different turn

A man got a black lab from the shelter but didn't feel like the two were a fit and wanted to get him back. That's when he found the previous owner's letter and things took a different turn


Everyone who has ever owned a dog will agree that these amazing creatures make love more beautiful. Now, it’s not that I say some dogs are better than others, but I do believe that rescue and shelter dogs have more love to give. These canines have experienced the tough side of life and are able to express the gratitude for being given a forever home.

When a guy moved places, he didn’t have any friends in the new city so he decided to get himself a dog. He got to the shelter and picked a lovely black lab whom they called Reggie. Things, however, didn’t seem easy as both the dog and the guy were getting used to the new surrounding.

Two weeks after he welcomed the dog in, his new owner hesitated whether he should keep him or not, but then he stumbled upon a box containing the dog’s stuff and there among the things, he found a letter from Reggie’s owner.

This is what it said: