Man Spots Deer In Backyard With Light Fixture On Head

This poor deer had been stuck like that for four long days.


This poor deer had been stuck like this for four days..

In New Jersey, white-tailed deers are a common sight and can be seen near residential neighborhoods. One day, a man who lives in the Colts Neck area spotted a deer in his backyard. Everything seemed normal about the deer’s appearance, except for an object on its head. Deciding to investigate the strange object, the man got closer to the deer. He was shocked to see that the strange object was actually a glass globe from a light fixture! Unfortunately, the glass globe was stuck fast and caused the buck to be isolated from his herd. However, that was not the only problem.

As the glass globe was stuck on his head, the buck had been unable to drink or eat for days. The man knew that the buck needed help immediately, so he rushed back home and contacted the Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA) and the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife for help. The rescuers from both the MCSPCA and NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife worked together to wait for the buck to appear before humanely sedating him.

Once it was deemed safe to approach the buck, the rescuers quickly removed the glass globe from its head. After the sedative worn off, the buck got up and walked away. Later over the weekend, the man contacted the MCSPCA again, stating that the buck was still there. The rescuers from the MCSPCA soon arrived at the scene and found the buck lying down on the ground.

Even after the buck had been freed, he did not have ample strength to locate his herd and laid there, struggling to breathe. The team’s veterinary technician, Deann Bowen, quickly administered fluids to the buck to re-hydrate him. After the fluids had been administered, the buck’s breathing returned to normal and he was able to slowly make his way back into the woods.

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