Man Sees ‘Free Puppy’ Sign and Takes One Home, Learns It’s Much More Than A Puppy


He unknowingly took a wolf dog back home instead..

In Tuscon, Arizona, a man spotted a “Free Puppy” sign on a door. Eager to get himself a puppy, the man got out of his car and knocked on the door.

He did manage to get one, who he named Neo. Neo did not look like a normal puppy and did his business inside the car whenever he was in it.

Although Neo loved his owner and his company, he certainly did not like it whenever his owner was away at school or at work.

He was instead, an accomplished escape artist and would dig a hole under the fence just to escape. Neo’s owner would be later informed that Neo was found in his neighbors’ garden, playing with their German Shepherds! 

His owner had tried to prevent Neo from escaping by building a higher fence, but Neo simply chewed through the new fence and continued escaping from the property.

The neighbors initially tolerated Neo’s surprise appearances. They would take him into their house, but Neo would avoid eye contact with them and cower in their bathroom instead.

Neo also seem disinterested when he was offered dog treats, which was unusual. As Neo  continued to show up in their backyard, the neighbors eventually had enough of it. To solve the problem, they drove Neo to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona to take him in temporarily until they spoke to his owner.

Maureen O’Nell, former CEO of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, immediately noticed that Neo was not a normal puppy but a wolf dog instead.

According to the laws in Arizona, it is illegal to own a wolf dog unless you are a Native American or possess a special permit. O’Neil then quickly contacted a wolf dog rescue center and sanctuary in California called Wolf Connection to ask if they could take in Neo, which they agreed.

Thanks to Wolf Connection, Neo has finally found his pack and is currently living happily with them at the sanctuary.

If you want to support Wolf Connection and lend a helping hand to their pack, please visit their website to donate or sponsor a wolf dog.

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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