Man Saves Orphaned Kitten Who Repays Him with Lots of Love

Cute Baby was abandoned by her mother. Luckily, she was found by a loving human dad who heard her meowing in his backyard. Their photos will melt your heart.


He found this orphaned kitten and raised her…

Mother cats have been known to abandon her kittens for various reasons. For a kitten named Baby, her mother had unfortunately abandoned her in a hole under a backyard fence after moving her litter. Not knowing where her mother had went, Baby started to meow continuously, which caught the property owner’s attention. He had heard the meowing and immediately took action to save her. To save Baby, he had to tear down the rock wall to gain access to her.

Once she had been safely rescued, he proceeded to care for her round-the-clock. To do so, he fed and warmed Baby’s bed every two and a half hours continuously.

Thanks to his care, Baby finally opened her eyes on the 11th day for the very first time.

Once Baby was able to see and walk, she started to explore her new home and even enjoys sunbathing.

The man who had found her initially had no intention of wanting a pet, but could not bear to give up Baby.

A year later, Baby has grown into a beautiful and affectionate cat who loves to snuggle against her dad for cuddles. Baby even pays special attention to her dad whenever he comes back from work trips!

Baby’s dad even posted photos of their special relationship on Facebook, garnering much attention from other Facebook users! He also expressed his gratefulness to Baby’s presence in his life, which Baby clearly reciprocated!

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