Man Rescues A Maned Wolf Who Desperately Needed Help

This truck driver was on a job when a rare maned wolf approached him and collapsed under his truck!


This maned wolf was saved thanks to him..

Maned wolves are members of the canid family and are protected by the Brazilian government as it is considered to be an endangered species. Despite their name, maned wolves are not actually true wolves, but are their own separate species. One man in Brazil probably knew this and went out of his way to save a maned wolf who desperately needed help. Milton Rodrigues, a resident of Santa Helena de Goiás-GO, Brazil, had been driving in his truck when he saw a maned wolf crossing the road in front of his truck. Rodrigues initially stopped to take a photo of the maned wolf, but was shocked to see that it had collapsed just under his truck and wouldn’t move.

The maned wolf seemed to be trying to escape the heat, as it was approximately 40°C at that time. It got too weak and dehydrated from the heat, causing it to collapse. Rodrigues knew that the maned wolf would die if he didn’t help, so he quickly took his helmet and filled it with some water. He then squatted down next to the collapsed maned wolf and proceeded to pour the water into its mouth. The maned wolf must have known that this human was trying to help, so it gratefully lapped up the water without any protest. After some time, the maned wolf regained its strength and was able to get back up on its feet. It ran back into the forest as Rodrigues looked on, happy that he was able to help.

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